Signage, Brackets, & Awnings

Signage, Brackets, & Awnings found in Charlotte...

As well as ornamental iron we can provide unique signage, letters, posts and brackets for your personal and business needs. 

Fuze Aluminum Signage

Harwood Brushed Aluminum Guard Rail Sign

Cooking With Fire Sign

 We built this sign awhile back, the owner wanted a old style "marque" sign for above his kitchen. This one was 30 feet long, and it realy couldnt have been made of metal because of the weight. It was alot of fun figuring out, so we made it out of thin plywood and painted it a distressed patina to look like metal, We then had red neon installed on the back so the letters "glowed" like fire.

Di Fonseca Sign

Cocktails Sign

Aluminum Water Jet Lettering

The logo and letters were cut by a water jet which is very similar to a CNC router. They were cut from 1/4 inch aluminum with a 1 inch stand off, we then etched, painted and installed them for the subdivision.

Frappe' Aluminum Awning

Gin Mill Metal Marque Sign

Metal Letterings

Each letter is 2 foot tall and was bent out of 1/2 square stock to form the night clubs logo on the stage.

Stainless Steel & Wrought Iron Bracket

Custom Iron Brackets and Signage found in Charlotte..