Big Ol' Cup of Joe

Venti, large, grande.. This is it! Look for it at Dilworth Coffee on East Blvd. in Charlotte. 2 foot tall cut out of 1/8" plate by hand with a plasma cutter. Raw metal with clearcoat.

Iron Orchid Tree

  This orchid tree is 3 feet tall and made of 4 sizes of iron, it was use as a center piece for a wedding. The designer then wired fresh orchids to it and hung cut crystal beads that gleamed in the light.

Metal Tree Staircase

Charlotte Designer and Owner of Todd Murphy Events hired us to build this iron tree sculpture to use as his handrails in his home.

Metal Bone Fish

 This was a fun little sculpture we fabricated, it is three dimensional and was cut out of 1/8" metal with a plasma cutter we used concrete nails for the teeth. 

Metal Vine Sink Base

 We found a antique handmade vessel sink that the customer wished to use in an outdoor living area.  This was a natural environment, so we decided to make a base that resembled twigs and vines.  It was finished in a natural rust patina, then lacquered.

Whimsical Metal Tree

 This is a whimsical iron tree we made from 3 sizes of round iron stock for a landscape designer.  It stands about 11foot tall with arms spanning 6 feet. We let it age with a rust patina.


 We were inspired by another artist from a local gallery, we took the concept in a different direction and came up "Sunshine". She is 3/4 scale and made up of 400 washers, at the present time she  is waiting to be completed with a great base of some sort and a finish. 

Flatiron Kitchen and Tap House

 In downtown Davidson is a new restaurant called the Flatiron Kitchen &Tap house. We were a part of it by working with the owners and architects to build 3 - 8 foot by 8 foot wrought iron screens made up of circles and ovals, to mimic a architectural element of the flatiron building in NYC. All the components were hand made, and then an acid wash finished was applied.

Grapevine Wine Cellar Door Grill

Iron wine cellar door grill for a Charlotte home.

Yaga Man

Yard Art

Hair goddess yard art

Gothic Iron Window Grill


 A Senior Community commissioned us to to finish their chapel entrance window, They we interested in having some iron work for their Chapel.We meet with the Staff and Board and sketched out a couple of ideas, after approval it only took one week to make and have it installed.

Bliss Dance

 This is our version of Marco Cochrane's "Bliss Dance", of course its not the nearly the magnitude nor the scale of his amazing sculpture he did for Burning Man 2010 in Black Rock desert. It does not due true justice to his art form, but it is a beautiful piece to say the least. She was gracefully cut from 1/4" metal plate by hand. it was commisioned from a friend who attended.

Repurposed Bird Bath

 This piece was was made from two 20" plow discs as well as a piece of inch and a half piece of re-bar from a bridge that was demolished here in Charlotte,N.C. It can be used as a bird bath or feeder or a personal fire pit.

Scroll Iron Wall Art

 The Sculpture was 13 Feet tall to go above the empty large wall above the fire place..

Modern Bar Table With Blue Stone Top

Custom Metal Letters

Plasma Cut Lettering

Blue Origami Sculpture



Live Edge Slab with Iron Pickets Pedestal



Modern Iron Firewood Holder



Porsche GT3 Rotor Bookends


We took the rotor and sliced it in quarters, and made sets of bookends that were auctioned off at a car show.

6 th Year Wedding Anniversary Iron


6th and 11th anniversary years are Iron. We hand hammered this bowl out of 1/4" plate, polished it and etched the names and date.