For the Gardens....

Bow Front Juliet Balcony

Iron Ivy Trellis

In the front gardens of Presbyterian Hospital stands these two wrought iron trellises we created.  They are 8 feet tall and 6 feet wide and have stems, vines and leaves all made of metal. The leaves were cut and forged to a realistic shape.

Ivy Planter Box


 This started its life as a wall planter that we cut down, but our customer thought it would be better as a planter. We added scroll leaf legs to make it a free standing planter box for under a patio window.


Mathis Scroll Iron Trellis

 This scroll trellis was part of a 3 panel screen that we repurposed into a wall trellis, the side scrolls and leaves were added to give width on the wall.

Dani Walkway Arch

Jacob Wrought Iron Window Box

Iron Gate Trellises

Wrought Iron Fence Divider

  Whether you are looking to define property lines, add security or just enhance your property with a decorative element, we can create fencing that not only fits your needs but reflects your style.

CustomFire Pit Cover

 Our customer came to us with the need to keep his little girl safe around the fire. We offered a choice of concepts and materials, and this was the finished product.  Notice the clover leaf detail in the perforated mesh!


Iron Tree Trellis with Gates

This iron gate and trellis was built for a back drop at a photography studio here in Charlotte.

Fortny Iron Balcony

 One of the most famous use of a balcony is the "balcony scene"inWilliam Shakespeare's tragedy,Romeo and Juliet. By contrast, a 'Juliet balcony' does not protrude out of the building, with balustrades only at the front.

Juliet Balcony

 Creative Iron Designs of Charlotte made this simple juliet balcony for our client at Lake Wylie, It allows the doors to be opened with the piece of mind no one is going to fall out.

Concrete Table Top

 This outdoor table was hand forged out of 1" solid iron, it was 10 feet long and 3 feet wide. The top is made of 3" thick concrete that was poured ontop of the base after it was in place.

Wrought Iron Screen

When our client looked out her upstairs bedroom window, all she saw wan the AC unit on the ground. So We came up with this wrought iron screen to obstruct the view with something pleasing to look at.

Wrought iron Trellis with Gate

24 Arm Votive Patio Chandelier


 This is an awesome 3 foot tall iron chandelier for this outdoor living area that we created for this Charlotte home. 

Wrought Iron Trellis

Wrought Iron Trellis

Handcrafted Wrought iron Garden Bench


Wrought Iron Trellis with Gate

Custom Iron Trellis