Simple forged iron handrails



Custom Metal Shelving with Glass

Custom Metal shelving with an acid wash finish and glass adds an open feel to your kitchen.



8 Foot Wrought iron Circular Bench

We were commissioned to build this great 8-foot circular iron bench to go in the Garden of The Duke Mansion. If you are ever in Charlotte the garden is something to see!



Metal washer sculpture

This beautiful gals name is Lil Miss Sunshine. She was made from 300 1-1/4" washers. We painted the backside sunshine yellow, and her name was born. While delivering her to her new home at the AC Hotel in downtown Charlotte, We stopped for a Kodak moment, and got this shot! the rainbow did not appear to the eye only in the lens!



Blue Origami Sculpture



Arts & Craft Style Porch Railing

Forged Iron Gate

Hand forged iron gates to fit any opening and application


Custom Cut Metal Letters

Doggie Deck Gate

Pedestrian Walk Garden Gate

Window Security Bars

 Matching existing elements is not a problem, We matched the pattern for the security windows to the existing door.


Wine Cellar Doors

Farmhouse 16 Foot Forged Entrance Gate

Custom Metal Art Chairs For The Light Rail Trail

Misson Style Hammered Iron Porch Railings

Custom Arched Fireplace Screen With Doors

Clawson Fireplace Screen with Doors



Tupelo Honey Patio Railings with Light Poles

Portable Fireplace Tray

Dog Gate for Jessie


underneath staircases is a lot of wasted space... its a great place to build your 4 legged kids a fort and give them a little space of their own


Arched Entrance Gate

Comercial Pipe Railings and Guardrails

Curved Patio Railings

Bold Curved iron Porch Railings

Cool Tap Room Sign

Custom Iron Sink Base

simple Forged Iron Handrail

iron Garden Gate With Forged Pinwheel Pattern

Organic Iron Gate


 Pete (the dog) was tired of not being able to see what was going outside so.. We built this organic gate to match the natural area of the existing gate. We then acid washed it to give it a natural patina.

Pete is happy.


Simple Front Porch Railings

Wrought Iron Pool Gate

Custom Arched Fireplace Screen

Curved Iron Front Step Railings

Wrought Iron Garden Gate



Interior Handrails for Amelies in Rock Hill, South Carolina




Hammered Iron Porch Railings

Wrought Iron Courtyard Gate

Gothic Pot Rack

Iron Garden Gate

Antique Iron Panel Made Into Foyer Table

Interior Iron Gate for Whitestone


We built this custom folding bifold gate for the Bistro at the Whitestone Masonic and Eastern Star retierment home in Greensboro,North Carolina.

Curved Iron Balcony Pool Railings

Lattice Porch Railings

 We created these railings to compliment the existing seating on the front of the house, by adding a lattice style casting to the top portion of thee rails. This gives this home great curb appeal.

Iron Wine Cellar Door

Hammered Fireplace Enclosure

Wine Cellar Door Grill

Iron Front Door Grills

Pistol Door Handles


 When you have a idea involving anytype of metal artisty,let us know.. These pistol door handle were one of our clients concepts, they found a photo of what they wanted and we made it for them. That simple.


Custom Iron Pipe Rails

 Our client bought this duplex with boring commecrial railings installed. It would have be costly to remove and repair the concrete, so we just added a little pizazz by adding four modern pannels to ad intrest.

Vintage Leaded Glass Coffee Table

 We used our clients vintage beveled glass top and created a whole new look for thier coffee table. Mixing up the old with the new is a great way to get a unique look that shows your personal style.

Railroad Spike & Horseshoe Coat Rack


 We heated up the spikes and bent them in 1/2 to create the hooks, We also cut the horseshoes in 1/2 and mounted them on a piece of old distressed barnwood with a satin wax finish.


Custom Scroll Iron Trellis with Gate

Reclaimed Gate Fireplace Screen

 We transformed this antique gate into a fireplace screen by adding posts,finials and feet.

Tolsma Wrought iron Garden Bench

Handcrafted wrought iron garden bench.

Barnwood Industrial Table

 Working with ideas and photos from our customer, We were able to build this table using the wood from their family barn, The planks were planed down and joined together, the base was repourposed from an old mill and was left ruty and lacqured in a satin finish.


Custom Iron Gate & Railings



Conoway Iron Driveway Gate

Iron Walkway Gates in The Making

"C" Scroll Iron Porch Railing

Front Step Scroll Railings

Custom Simple Railing


Bigger is better...We used larger pickets and post for this simple Dilworth bungalow house.


Wrought Iron Trellis

 We custom make trellis and arbours in all sizes and shapes

Custom Iron Patio Railings

Custom Iron Console Table Guardrail

 Our Client removed the wood railing during thier remodel and didnt want to put a traditional railing back up, We came up with an idea to make a narrow table used as the "guardrail"

Cable Rails at THE SILOS Southend

 Cable rails designed and fabricated by us at The Silos at Southend....

Simple Pipe Rails

Wrought Iron Details

Wrought Iron Wine Cellar Door

Pipe Railing

Cast Iron Juliet Balcony

Custom Wrought Iron Driveway Gates

Cool Iron Ivy Handrails

Comercial Pipe Railings For Marriott

 Pipe railing completed the Charlotte and Greenville Marriott's lobbies.. We'll leave the light on for you.. Opps wrong hotel.

Dog Gates


 We love our 4 legged family but sometimes they just need to be contained. These gates are removable in a jiffy and keeps the pets off the picnic table!


Custom Wrought Iron Table Base

Brushed Metal Coffee Table


 This custom metal coffee sets off this eclectric living room with its polished raw finish and leather textured granite top.


Iron Ball and Chain..

Iron ball and chain? we can make one if you don't already have one!

Custom forged iron pickets


These forge iron pickets complete this outdoor living space..

Industrial Custom Iron Bookcase

 We built this custom shelving unit using conveyor rollers from the old Cone mill here in Charlotte. The rollers were made of stainless steal amd used when the boxes would roll down and need to make a turn to go to there destination..

Custom Iron Pool Gate

Grigg Driftwood Lamp


 Our Client came to us with this piece of driftwood from her home, the Local lamp store had no idea how to make it into a lamp..  our client gave us a direction and within 10 min we had something in the works that was oringinal, functional and a piece of art!


Myletia Tree Branch Railings

 When you want a unique approach to railings, We got you covered! Like vines on a tree...

Cox Custom Iron Lighting

 Custom lighting is our thing..The companys fixture was too large for the space needed so we reproduced it in a smaller scale to match the existing sconces... 

Forged Iron Railings

Cast Iron Foyer Table

Classic Iron Porch Railing

McDonald's has it their way!

Repurposed Iron Gate Foyer table

Custom Iron Pannels for Nexsen Pruett Law Firm

Iron Ivy Handrails

Custom Metal Shelving At A.G. Kitchen in NYC

Cable Railing & Cable Gate

Patina Metal Bar Top

Sliding Barn Door Hardware

Wrought Iron Dog Gates

Reclaimed Barnwood Custom Iron Coffee Table

Cannonball Gate Closer

 The counterbalance weight mechanism dates back hundreds of years in England and Europe. Farmers originally used any piece of old steel such as a worn out plow point. In colonial America solid steel round "cannonballs" were ofton used in this fashion.

It proved to be an attractive and very efficient way of ensuring a gate closes after it is opened.



Custom Iron Circle Table

Repourposed Rustic Chain Light

 This Light fixture was made from a old wheel, pully and rusty chain. We then put it all together to create this awesome fixture for our clients cabin. It was finished in laquer, vintage cloth cord, and Eddison bulb.

Wrought Iron Wine Bottle Light Fixture

 We made this Iron chandilier so our client could display their collection of wine bottles from their tavels around the word. We were able to create this great light fixture that houses !8 of their favorite wine bottles collected.

Lake Norman Charter School Pipe Railing

Wrought Iron BBQ Smoker Door

 This custom iron BBQ smoker door was designd by Us for a Texan's outdoor living area. Not really knowing his option or design, we led him the direction to create this functional art piece.

Repourposed Rustic Chain Handrails

 This was a great project, Our client was looking for something different for their cabin rails, They wanted something that may be found on a farm. We loacated a a water pump to use has the newel post, we used logging chain as the pickets, and reclaimed oak as the hand rail.

Custom Plasma Cut Iron Letters

 We can hand cut letters in various sizes and type fonts with a plasma cutter as well as other objects!

Wrought Iron Window Grills

 Window Grills not only ad beauty to your home but also security. These open and close for ease of cleaning.

Dog Gates For Our Four Leged Friends

 Iron dog gates blend in with your existing hand rails to have better curb appeal, and give better security.


Pool and Deck Railings

 Wrought iron pool deck rails add a nice airy barrier and dont block your beautiful view!

Zinc Table Top with Mahogony & Iron Benches

This patio required a custom table to fit the long narrow shot gun style porch, We made this top out of Galvanized with rivets, iron base and custom mahogany wood tops for the benches.


Captain's Point Entrance Gate

Custom Made Wrought Iron Candlelabras

 In out imperfect world its hard for designers to find exactly the size they need. We made this pair of candlelabra out of 2 urns the client had.

Antique Wrought Iron Baluster Handrail

These antique balusters were converted into handrails, we were able to add a couple of inches to bring them to code as well as match the 75 year old patina.

Antique Iron Gates Retrofitted to Entrance

 These antique gates were found at a local market, the designer thought they would be perfect for the clients entrance but wasnt sure how to have it done. Creative Iron figured out how to hang,install, and make operatable while still mantaining the original style and patina.

Wrought Iron Fireplace Accessories

 From decorative corbles, firescreens, log holders and tools, we can fabricate most anything for your indoor or outdoor fireplace.

Fryling Porch Handrails

Wrought iron handrails add style and curb appeal to your home.

Iron Front Door Grills


 Wrought iron door grills add security as well as improving curb appeal.


Wroght Iron Front Door Scroll Work

Roston Iron Driveway Gate

Leohr Brushed Metal Canopy Bed

Chain Wine bottle Holder

Acid Wash Coffee Table

Custom Wrought Iron Walk Gate

Custom Wrought Iron Fire Basket

 This was a custom fire basket we fabricated for a local designer, We weren't real sure how it was going to turn out , but the end product was HOT!

Rough Cut Slab Top on Organic Iron Base


 This was a fun piece we did awhile back, it's a real organic, whimsical table used for a salt water aquarium. We had a log smith cut a 2" slab of oak for the top, notice the bark still on the front edge.

Repurposed Fence Casting Fire Place Screen

 This was a section of antique fencing we repurposed as a fireplace screen. We cut off the useless parts, added feet, sanded off the scale and laqured it.

Fisburne Iron Gate

 We reproduced this exactly for our customer, They had just bought the house and did not know who the builder or the iron guy was, He found us and 2 weeks later they had the identical gate for the other side of the house.

Curved Iron Patio Railings

 We have the tools, talent and knowlege to complete most any design pattern you may want..

Custom Case Opening Iron Screen

 The Designer and Builder had an a problem figuring out how to cover the case opening to this workspace, to the left it drops 20 feet into the living room. The iron screen we built adds a architectural element and saftey.

Decorative Iron Railings


 Notice the small details on this small section of interior iron railing, the forged wall tabs, the hammered forged iron pickets, forged fishtailed handrail.


Hagee Contemporary Cable Railing

 Our customer had a problem finding someone who was capable of building this curved iron interior handrail, We came out and made the template, dry fitted it, brought it back to the studio and welded it up..

Forging Iron Scrolls

Wrought Iron Juliet Balcony

Custom Iron Foot Railing

 This custom iron foot rail was commissioned by us for an uptown Charlotte Condo, it was finished in oil rubbed bronze.

Custom Iron Window Box

 Iron window boxes are a beautiful addition to the curb appeal of your home, but most big boxed stores offer iight wieght, small, un actractive options. We can created iron planters to compliment your your homes style.

Sonny's BBQ Patio Railings

 An out of state  contractor found us and had us duplicate this iron gate for the Sonny's BBQ in the Arborreatum Shopping center. The brick wall was cut out the we used the existing railing to cap it, the gate was fabed by us and matches the the existing gate.

Swimming Pool Railings

Arched Custom Iron Fireplace Grill

 This metal fireplace screen was custom made by us for a subdivision fireplace. They needed a way to prevent unwanted fires at unwanted times. We were able to make something visually appealing as well as functional.

Custom Iron Vanity Base

Modern Iron Table Base


 Clean, simple lines make this iron table pop, a designer came to us with a 60" 3/4 thick piece of glass and couldn't find a contemporary base to hold it. We were able to accomplish both goals.



 Creative Iron Designs is now a menmber of ABANA - Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America, Inc.  A 30 year old organization dedicated to the resurgence of the "lost" art of blacksmithing.

Bodden Railings with Trellis

A fence makes more than a good neighbor..

Wood Pickets Transformed to Iron

 This was an interior handrail that we replaced the wood pickets with wrought iron pickets, notice the detail of the iron shoe at the bottom of each picket.

Iron work doesn't need to be scrolly and fussy, sometimes less is more.


Forged Iron Chandilier

 This fixture is 2 and a half feet tall, and was VERY plain, we added hand forged acanthus leaves down the edges and at the top and bottom, accented them in bronze and it really transformed this entrance with out  buying a new fixture.

Custom Iron Canopy Bed

X Factor

This Custom iron base is being used as a workstation in a designers studio, It was made of 1-1/4" square stock and with a raw sanded finish.

Less is More



In this case, these sleek simple handrails do the job without alot of fuss.. Made of Square stock and finished in satin nickel.

Antique Iron Gate and Custom Trellis

 We created this walk through trellis for our client who had this antique gate, it was 10 feet tall and 6 feet wide, it was all finished in aged rust with clear coat.

Hammered Iron Pool Gate


 While adding privacy this iron pool gate in a south Charlotte home really makes a statement with the hand hammered steel, ornate hinges, and monogramed speak easy. The finish is a acid wash with lacquer.



Burnett Iron Porch Railings

The elengant curves of these iron handrails really made a grand entrance to the stone patio on this Charlotte home. 


Burnett Iron Porch Railing

 The elengant curves of these iron handrails really made a grand entrance to the stone patio on this Charlotte home.

Repurposed Bird Bath


 This piece was was made from two 20" plow discs as well as a piece of inch and a half piece of re-bar from a bridge that was demolished here in Charlotte,N.C. It can be used as a bird bath or feeder or a personal fire pit.

Twig Iron Mirror Frame

 This Iron mirror framed is being used in a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina, we made it to simulate branches and leaves, everything was cut and bent by hand.

Brushed Aluminum Bar Front

 In one of the local uptown Charlotte condo we re faced this bar front with an aluminum facade, the pattern was hand applied using a grinder. The corner and end pieces were accented by chrome rivets, giving it a contemporary urban feel.

Repurposed Iron Gate Fireplace Screen

 A Local Charlotte Designer hired us to transform this vintage iron gate into a functional piece of art as a fireplace screen, with a couple of modifications and additions it now adds additional beauty to the room.

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Rail Road Spike Bottle Opener 

 Jim Watts of Creative Iron Designs has transformed these spikes into bottle openers while maintaining their original character.  A Charlotte Trolley token is mounted atop the spike.

Purchase one of these unique pieces of Charlotte's history today.


Selin Forged Iron Handrail

 This unique one off handrail was a truely a great project, our client gave us full liberty with the design. At the top of the stairs, is a beautiful art deco sconce, and thats where the "lines" for the railing were created.

Grape Leaf Driveway Gate

 We made this driveway gate to match some existing railings  that we already on the home, most appointments that have ever been made  have been reproduced at some point and can be matched up to an existing design.

Gothic Iron Church Window Grill

 A Senior Community commissioned us to to finish their chapel entrance window, We meet with the staff and Board and sketched out a couple of ideas, after approval it only took one week to make and have it installed.

Bliss Dance

 This is our version of Marco Cochrane's "Bliss Dance", of course its not the nearly the magnitude nor the scale of his amazing sculpture he did for Burning Man 2010 in Black Rock desert. It does not due true justice to his art form, but it is a beautiful piece to say the least. She was gracefully cut from 1/4" metal plate by hand. it was commisioned from a friend who attended.

Wrought Iron Scroll Work

 We were trying to figure out how to incorporate some iron into this foyer entrance. Our client wanted something to blend with the iron work on the front door, but wasn't sure how to do it. The ceilings were 12 foot and there was a lot of room in the archway so we created this scroll pattern.

Iron Tree Trellis with Gates

This iron gate and trellis was built for a back drop at a photography studio here in charlotte.

Funky Forged Handrail

 This hand rail was forged out of 5/8" solid bar, it was all free form, with no real rhyme or reason, it was used next to an iron gate, and that's were the idea came from.

Wrought Iron Ivy Trellis

In the front gardens of Presbyterian Hospital stands these two wrought iron trellises we created.  They are 8 feet tall and 6 feet wide and have stems, vines and leaves all made of metal. The leaves were cut and forged to a realistic shape.

Custom Iron Sink Vanities

 This bathroom  received "best design", We worked with the Designer and Builder to come up with a solution for the curved walls, since a standard box sink would not work. We made a template of the wall and and made the base to fit, later the granite fabricator did the same and brought the tops. The wrought iron really makes a nice bold statement.  We we able to use a similar picket that matched the wrought iron on the foyer staircase. 

Iron doggie bowl

One of our customers wanted something other than a typical wire holder for her dog bowls, so we created this decorative iron stand. We used some castings from a coffee table as the legs and cut out a 8" hole so the stainless steel bowls would be recessed. we finished it in a gun metal finish and lacquer.

Iron Bone fish

This was a fun little sculpture we fabricated it is three dimensional, it was cut out of 1/8" metal with a plasma cutter and we used concrete nails for the teeth. 


We were inspired by another artist from a local gallery, we took the concept in a different direction and came up "Sunshine". She is 3/4 scale and made up of 400 washers, at the present time she  is waiting to be completed with a great base of some sort and a finish. 

FlatIron Kitchen and Tap House

In downtown Davidson is a new restaurant called the Flatiron Kitchen &Tap house. We were a part of it by working with the owners and architects to build 3 - 8 foot by 8 foot wrought iron screens made up of circles and ovals, to mimic a architectural element of the flatiron building in NYC. All the components were hand made, and then an acid wash finished was applied.


Roston stemware rack

this was a custom 50 piece stemware holder that needed to fit a specific space and was unable to find, we were able to build and install this piece in less than a week.

Bird's Nest Drum Table

This table was  influenced by a french metal artist, we took the concept and interpetated it our way. We used 200 feet of 3/8" and 1/4" solid round stock to make the Nest. it was finished in a satin laquered rust.  The drum was rolled by us out of a 4x8 sheet of steel.

Fortney Balcony

We created this balcony from an emailed photo idea to an installed reality in 8 days! The top scroll is all hand forged.

Mooresville Town Square

 We built these really cool light fixture towers at the entrance of Mooresville Town Square for Myers & Chapman general contractors last year.  They are 4’ x 4’ and stand 14' tall.

What is wrought iron?

Iron (pronounced /ˈаɪ.ərn/) -  Wrought iron is iron with a low carbon content that can be forged and welded. Wrought iron is formed by heating and beating steel. This term is also used to describe a style of furniture and/or metalwork. Wrought iron is no longer in wide production, It was last manufactured as "charcoal iron" in Sweden in 1968, and most items that are termed "wrought iron" are actually mild steel.