Drive and Walkway Gates...

Wrought Iron Gate



Custom Hammered Iron Gate



Custom Star Gate



Gothic Pet Gate



Wrought Iron Scroll Gate

Simple Scroll Iron Driveway Gate

Elliptical Garden Gate



Horse Shoe Driveway Gate



Asymmetrical Doggie Deck Gate



Forged Arched Garden Gate

Farmhouse 16 Foot Forged Entrance Gate

Dog Gate for Jessie



Arched Entrance Gate

Iron Garden Gate With Forged Pinwheel Pattern

Organic Iron Gate



 Pete (the dog) was tired of not being able to see what was going outside so.. We built this organic gate to match the natural area of the existing gate. We then acid washed it to give it a natural patina.

Pete is happy.

Wrought Iron Garden Gate

Wrought Iron Courtyard Gate

Iron Garden Gate

Interior Iron Gate for Whitestone

We built this custom folding bifold gate for the Bistro at the Whitestone Masonic and Eastern Star retierment home in Greensboro,North Carolina.

Juliet Balcony Planter Box

Wrought Iron Entrance Gate

Our customer sent us this picture of our entrance gate in the spring after years of growth on the trellis.

Iron Trellis With Gate

Antique Iron Gates Retrofitted to Entrance

 These antique gates were found at a local market, the designer thought they would be perfect for the clients entrance but wasnt sure how to have it done. Creative Iron figured out how to hang,install, and make operatable while still mantaining the original style and patina.


Iron Walk Gate

Wrought Iron Walk Gate

Dog Gates For Our Four Leged Friends

Fishburne Iron Gate

Forged Double Arched Iron Driveway Gate


  This 16 foot iron driveway gate was replicated from a photo our customer found on the internet. We were able to build it to their exact measurements, used thicker materials, had it powder coated and installed quicker and less expensive than the one on line. We believe that you still can get a quality product locally.



Schulte Pool Gate and Railings

 We do quite a bit of pool enclosures, we offer a better design options than the normal pre fab panels. These custom iron railings and gates were used secure a pool, the pickets were 3/4" fluted and the walk gate was arched with solid filigree castings. It also had the self closing and locking features.

Asemetrical Wrought Iron Gate


 We followed the sloping curve of the brick work on this wrought iron gate. It was a simple pattern with a forged knot and ring picket.

Custom Wrought Iron Pool Gate

Iron  walk way gates can set the mood for an entrance into a garden or backyard living area.

Metal Pool Gate

Scroll Garden Gate

Interior Dog Gate


 Baby gates are just that.. baby gates. Not intended to keep your 60 pound 4 legged family away while you eat dinner. We have made several interiors wrought iron gates to keep pets contained while still allowing them to see and be apart of the family!


 Our customer had an idea of using canvas on their pool gates, but wasn't sure how to make that happen, with a couple of drawing we were able to come up with this! We made doors that we self closing with lock and keys and built a frame around it to attach and lace the canvas.

Malie Monstera Iron Driveway Gate

 This was a great project that we just completed, our client is from Hawaii so we let her show us a couple of things she liked and finally came up with this! The gate is 14 feet wide, and slopes 5 to 6 feet tall. the leaves were hand cut with a plasma, the stems were made of 3 sizes of round stock, the finish is a acid wash rust with lacquer.

Staude Stallion Gates

 Our client was on the fence about a stock aluminum gate or a custom wrought iron gate from us, as you can see he made the right choice! For just a bit more than stock, he got a custom designed gate! We used his design on the horses and  and by hand drew and cut them out with a plasma cutter.

Ross Wrought Iron Gate

  This wrought iron entrance gate was designed and shipped to LA. The customer still was able to get it more reasonable than the cost of one made on the west coast.

Contemporary Security Gate

 We reproduced this iron gate from an existing court yard, It was keyed with a deadbolt to give extra security as well as looking artistic! 

Rustic Garden Gate

Iron Walk Gates & Fencing

 Iron gates and fencing that ad security don't always have to look bad, we can help find something that reflects your personality.

Arched Iron Gate with Medallion

  We followed the lines from the gate and reversed them in the railings to give it movement instead of being straight. Just a subtle touch.

Swimming Pool Gates


  Swimming pool gates need to be 48" tall, self closing and locking, swing out, lock at 54" high and no more than 36" between horizontal bars.

Metal Drive Way Gate

Wrought iron Drive gates will provide security and, with tasteful design, can dramatically enhance the beauty of your property.

Grape leaf Driveway Gate

 We made this driveway gate to match some existing railings  that we already on the home, most appointments that have ever been made  have been reproduced at some point and can be matched up to an existing design.

Antique Iron Garden Gate

 This iron gate was bought at a flea market, our customer wanted to use it on the side of their house, but it was only 3 feet tall and had no post or locking hardware. We were able to recreate and ad another 3 foot to the bottom to blend with the original gate. We also added the post, finials, locks, and existing fencing to bring it all together.

Shell Pedestrian Gate

Front Entrance Walk Gate

Iron gates give your home great curb appeal while adding security.

Hammered Iron Pool Gate

While adding privacy this iron pool gate in a south Charlotte home really makes a statement with the hand hammered steel, ornate hinges, and monogramed speak easy. The finish is a acid wash with lacquer.

Antique Iron Gate & Trellis

Double Arched Garden Gate

Reversed Arch Driveway Gate